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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Millionaires on Medicaid

Food stamps are now used like a debit card. It’s still humiliating for those who need them. The cashiers stare and act embarrassed when they have to adjust the register after asking debit or credit.  They often hear a person in line say, “There’s where my taxes go, to feed that lazy person.” 
I know one of those women who call the poor lazy in checkout lines. She doesn’t work; she’s rich, yet she is on Medicaid.  

I asked her once if she could afford her health care on her own. She replied indigently, “It’s legal now to get it even if you have millions in the bank. I don’t work. “  No shame for her; she can pay, but doesn’t want to. She feels she deserves a handout from the government she doesn’t need.

 Millionaires using Medicaid is common now. Anyone under sixty- five with low or no income can get Medicaid. There is no longer an asset test. You can have several million and the bank and still get them.Try talking to someone rich if you can stomach it, and you’ll find the same entitlement issues to benefits they don’t need and judgment of the poor every single time.

I know a trust fund baby who tells people using food stamps to get off their ass in checkout lines.  He grew up with serious money and has never worked a day in his life. He got lucky; he didn’t work hard. He couldn’t even manage to graduate college, he flunked out.  He sees that inheritance as something he deserved, is entitled to, and it makes him in his mind a better person then the unemployed or working poor.  He believes that everyone who wants a job can have one. It’s simple, you just ask for a job, he said, and everyone will have enough to eat without picking my pocket for food stamps. The pockets his parents lined for him, that is.

Unfortunately, what my simplistic rich friends don’t understand is that employers no longer pay decent wages and rarely benefits. Rents are sky high and have long been outpacing salaries. And yet the rich wonder why the poor can’t get by, all the while helping themselves to benefits that are not intended for them.

 I’d like to say to all the rich people abusing the system that I hope someday soon, taking those Medicaid benefits you don’t need will become a criminal act again. And when you are released from prison, I hope you will learn the humiliation of using food stamps and be told to get off your ass by a hypocritical rich person taking benefits designed for those less fortunate.  I also hope you become someone’s bitch in prison, but that’s another story.

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