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Friday, March 10, 2017

Tax Strike

 In The New York Times today there is an article explaining how corporate scum get away with paying little to no tax. They do it by shifting activities offshore and tax loop holes. There are a lot of loop holes. 

So my rant today is, why don't individuals have loop holes? We have nothing, especially those of us on the lower end of the income spectrum. So what can we do?

I, for one, am never paying taxes again. If billion dollar corporations don't pay, why should I? There are many ways to do this. Two that come to mind are work in cash, or if you have taxes taken out claim the maximum amount of allowances so that you owe the US money at the end of the year and are not waiting for a refund from Uncle Scam. Then use your own "loopholes" to get it down to zero.

If the US wants to let corporations be tax free, if they won't provide health care or really, anything, then why would indivduals pay taxes? To subsidize corporations? Fuck that and corporate horse the IRS rode in on. 

NY Times article

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