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Monday, February 6, 2017

Betsy The Delusional Billionaire

I hate the rich. Not because I covet what they have, but because of their entitlement issues. Take Betsy Devos. Please take her away. Her family is rich, so rich that they contributed over $200 million dollars to the Republican Party over the years. That bought her a job offer she doesn't deserve, Little Miss Betsy has been nominated to be Secretary of Education.

Daddy died and his company was sold for over a billion dollars. Then she married the son of the guy who co-founded Amway. So she's not on food stamps. But all that money only got her into some college named Carlin, which is a bullshit religious freak institution in Michigan. Her rich father-in-law is also an alum.

Bernie Sanders asked her if she thought she would have been appointed had her family not given that 9 figure gift to the Republican party. She answered yes. And that is why I hate the rich.

No, Betsy, no. If your family wasn’t rich, and you showed up with your bullshit religious freak Bachelor's degree from your barely accredited school and asked for that job, no you wouldn't have gotten it.

Just as rich men who are fat and balding or orange with a toupee can’t see that the twenty something aspiring model/porn stars wouldn't be blowing them if they were poor.  Or the son of a CEO making six figures out of college at his dad’s company. The rich need to get out of their delusional bubbles and realize they are not only unworthy, they are despised.

99% of them would be nowhere without the family money.  Betsy would be working at a McDonalds with her academic credentials. I am asking the rich to do the world a favor. Stay home and play with your toys or go shopping. But stop pretending you deserve what you get. It was luck. Dumb luck, nothing more. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. She went to CALVIN "College". Meanwhile standup comedian George CARLIN did his act at universities for years.