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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sean Spicer, Liar

I watched Sean Spicer’s press conference yesterday. At the beginning, it was amusing to watch him dodge questions and spin his version of reality. It quickly turned to horror and then a freakishly strong desire to rub dog shit on his face.  

This guy isn’t just a liar, he’s delusional and dangerous. He lies freely and without impunity, a psychopath hell bent on getting others to believe his tall tales. Spicer is obsessed with the size of Trump’s inauguration crowds, or rather, the lack of a crowd.  Even though there is physical proof the crowds were significantly smaller than Obama’s, he insists it’s all a lie and more people were there, the press is making it up.

This is dangerous for two reasons. First, he’s proven he’s willing to lie even about something insignificant.  Second, he’s showing the world we have a dishonest president and administration and we can’t be trusted.  He needs to go.

His wife works for a beer company. Maybe she brings home too many samples and he’s drunk all the time. Or maybe he’s just a lying psychopath who needs to find another job so he can stop embarrassing the country. 

Here's my advice for Mr. Liar Spicer:


  1. Get these bastards!

  2. I just forwarded that to WSOC's consumer investigator