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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Airbnb: A Thief In The Night

Airbnb represents all that is currently wrong with our greed is good, the rich get richer and how can we stick it to the poor society.

There are so many Airbnb horror stories of Airbnb forcing up rental  prices, having prostitutes and wild parties in rentals that how Airbnb operates and treats users rarely gets noticed.

A friend of mine made the mistake of using Airbnb this week on a trip to France. The place was filthy and not as advertised. When she expressed her disappointment to the host, rather than make things right, instead didn't give my friend the keys and called Airbnb to say the guest was leaving.
Airbnb was contacted. Not only didn't they help her, they completely ignored her. Luckily she has friends to stay with.

Airbnb stated that the policy regarding the rental was that if the guest cancels, they get no refund. The host keeps the money, the guest gets nothing.That's right. Even if it's not your fault, the rich person (apartment owner) keeps everything, the poor person who wanted to save some money gets no place to live and no refund.

Even if that weren't a horrible policy, in this case she didn't cancel the host messed up. So I took to Twitter on her behalf and instead of helping the friend, Airbnb representatives started harassing me on Twitter.

Here's what they said: It's the policy, she needs to read the contractYou don't update your blog (yes, they took the time to look up my blog, but not help the customer). She can't sue us. Actually, yes, Airbnb, she can and I am going to help her do it.

Same old story. The fight between rich and poor with the rich getting everything and the poor taking it up the ass. Airbnb charges the "hosts" apartment owners a 3% fee to use their platform. It charges guests 10%. And that's fair because? No it's not. Just as taking someone's money and not providing what you promised is wrong.

 Airbnb insists it can't be sued. I'm here to tell you: Yes, you can! See you in court!!

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