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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Waiter Turned Fake Money Manager

Gotta love this Fraudster. Today's scumbag is a former waiter who posed as a hedge fund manager and was able to get 17 suckers to invest $800,000 dollars with him. Of course he just used the money for himself, buying electronics and taking trips, but this fraudster also used the money for karaoke. Steal money to go to karaoke bars? He deserved to get caught.

When investors wised up and starting asking for their money, this is one of the excuses he gave "I'm going deer hunting." OK, but can you send the check before you take a shot at an innocent animal?

No surprise, he was found guilty on all 28 counts, which included securities fraud and larceny. Sentencing on Dec 18, no word if he will request a microphone while in his cell.

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