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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some Good News For Student Loan Holders

Finally, a little good  news. Today's post is not about a fraud or a fool, but sometimes you just have to spread good cheer. Fidelity Investments is offering employees student loan reimbursement as a perk!

They haven't worked out the details yet, but they recently announced this new benefit. Here's hoping it catches on to other companies soon!

If I were cynical, and I am, I would say they are doing it because the job market is getting tighter.  Giving this benefit as an incentive to stick around is cheaper for the company than deal with high turnover.

Whatever their reason, whoever had this idea at Fidelity deserves a nice cold beer. And may the idea spread to other companies soon.


  1. Not really a big deal, very few are offering it, and most people that will be offered this loan forgiveness are in stable jobs with good salaries anyway.

    The "problem" is lack of stable jobs with strong wages. It's the private sector maybe competing for the public sector employees though, which I guess if it does pan out will create at least SOME sort of pressure to cause wage growth and create hiring (if public sector workers leave, the government will probably hire people to replace those positions, but who knows, nobody leaves).

    1. The major issue with benefits in general is that the employees who receive them are already better paid and more secure; the correlation between quality of benefits and pay sufficient to get by without them is quite strong.