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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Don't Be Evil

Google's corporate slogan is "Don't Be Evil" but evil they are in so many ways. But today, let's just look at how one of the richest companies in the world is screwing some of their workers over.

Google has been hiring firms like Zerochaos and Lionbridge to hire temporary employees for up to one year. They require these employees to have college educations from top schools and speak another language fluently. They are hired to evaluate ads in other languages. They pay them $15 an hour with no benefits. The employees don't even get notice of when their contract will end, an email is sent the same day saying this will be their last day of work.

Seems to me it's evil to have billions of dollars and not pay someone a living wage.  So Google or Alphabet or whatever the fuck you're calling yourself these days, if you want your company slogan to be "Don't Be Evil" then you need to stop being evil and pay folks a decent wage.

In case nobody told you Google, replacing workers over and over probably costs you more than keeping them on and paying them a fair wage. I can only imagine the person at the company who came up with the bright idea of renaming the company Alphabet is the same asshole who came up with the "let's screw some employees because we can" idea.

Google, you're not just an evil hypocrite, you're really fucking cheap!


  1. So in modern day America being bilingual and having a degree from a top school is only worth $15 an hour with no benefits?

  2. Yes, only $15 no benefits for greedy corporations like Google

  3. I was approached for just such a position. While my prospects weren't great, I quickly figured that substitute teaching for ~$17/hour with limited benefits was a better deal. I took great pleasure in declining to interview with Google. It's only a matter of time before everyone else there gets screwed too.

  4. @12:22 Awesome! I am glad to hear you got a better gig and satisfaction turning down the Evil one!