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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctors and Dentists Are Scammers, Oh My!

I despise doctors and dentists, and not just because I hate going for checkups and went to law school so am somewhat programmed to. I hate them because they order tests they don't need, keep you waiting in their offices and then act like the crap that comes out of them is lavender and smells like a rose.

Take my ex-dentist, please. Just last month she tried to give me two root canals. Feeling suspicious, mostly because she didn't bother to even look at my teeth before she told me I needed them, but also because of her Russian accent and the fact that she looked and sounded more like a hooker than a dentist.

Off I went to my old dentist that I trust (and looks like Tom Selleck) but is 200 miles away, only to have my suspicions confirmed. Not only did I not need the root canals,  I didn't even have cavities. All I can say about dentist #1 is: The Russian bitch lied.

Why do they lie and do unnecessary procedures? MONEY. One or two unnecessary fillings and a root canal adds up, that's about $2000 extra in her pocket. I think these doctors / dentists should lose their licenses after just one of these incidents. A few of the really egregious cases have gone to prison.

So what to do? You have to learn to say no and get second opinions if it feels off to you. I had a strange feeling about my dentist/hooker and followed up on it with a dentist I've known for years. Had I not, I would be out a lot of money and who knows what from the treatment I didn't need.

Bottom line? All anyone cares about these days is themselves and their bank account and most medical "professionals" have ordered tests and done treatments that aren't necessary. Patient beware.

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