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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

RushCard In No Rush To Let Customers Access Accounts

It's no secret that I hate banks and bankers, as well as fraud and fraudsters, which I guess is redundant. Today's fraud is brought to you by RushCard, the Russell Simmons prepaid debit card. What a hip- hop "impresario" is doing running a debit card business is a mystery I hope never to solve.

The card hasn't been working for a week. Which means that folks that have their direct deposits sent to the card can't access their money. So they've been forced to borrow from friends to get by. Most of the customers are low income and don't have traditional bank accounts.

I'm curious what the company is going to do to help their customers and what they are going to do to make it up to them. I hope the customers will just tell Mr. Simmons to go back to whatever it is a hip- hop impresario pretending to be a banker does. Because right now, he's neither a banker or an impresario, he's a straight up fraudster.

Simmons praying he will get away with it.

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