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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Privacy Thieves

My first scam is one that most see as a mild annoyance of the internet age, but is in fact a serious threat to your privacy. Companies like Radaris, Spokeo, MyLife, and Intelius, to name but a few, are in the business of giving away your information.

Removing your info from these sites which tell the world your age, where you live and have lived for the past decade, is not easy but it can be done. Start by looking on their page for the opt out option, most are difficult to find, by design.

If  there isn't an opt out option on the page, you'll need to send an email. I have found that it takes several emails and threats to sue before they will remove your information. After it has been removed, keep googling your name and checking the various sites. Many of them will simply put your information up again, this time adding a middle initial or some variation of your name so you have to go through the process all over again.

Because of my frustration with my information being used without my permission, I've decided to return the favor. Here's the email of one of the workers who will refuse to remove your info. Here's the deal: I'll remove yours when you remove mine.

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