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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bar Results Worst In Ten Years

 The good news is intelligent people stopped going to law school several years ago. Bad news? The law schools didn't want to give up the gravy train, so they lowered their standards and let students who simply aren't bright enough for law in.

I have zero sympathy for the law graduates who just flunked the bar and are now starting to realize a J.D. isn't a winning lottery ticket. The scam was exposed back in 2009, so they could have easily spared themselves the debt and disappointment.

I do however, feel sorry for all the folks who will need a good lawyer, because if this continues, that's not going to be easy to find. The law schools will continue admitting subpar students until they are shut down. So do yourself a favor if you need a lawyer; get one who graduated before 2000, that's about the time the diploma mills really got going.

More about the decline:

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