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Friday, March 10, 2017

Tax Strike

 In The New York Times today there is an article explaining how corporate scum get away with paying little to no tax. They do it by shifting activities offshore and tax loop holes. There are a lot of loop holes. 

So my rant today is, why don't individuals have loop holes? We have nothing, especially those of us on the lower end of the income spectrum. So what can we do?

I, for one, am never paying taxes again. If billion dollar corporations don't pay, why should I? There are many ways to do this. Two that come to mind are work in cash, or if you have taxes taken out claim the maximum amount of allowances so that you owe the US money at the end of the year and are not waiting for a refund from Uncle Scam. Then use your own "loopholes" to get it down to zero.

If the US wants to let corporations be tax free, if they won't provide health care or really, anything, then why would indivduals pay taxes? To subsidize corporations? Fuck that and corporate horse the IRS rode in on. 

NY Times article

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Daddy's Girls

Let's forget all the stupid stuff Trump and his merry band of evil doers have done for a moment. Let's look at the father / daughter sicko relationship. 

Melania the gold digging wife is holed up away from the Orange Beast and costing taxpayers a half million dollars a day in added security. I understand why she doesn't want to be with him, but it's too expensive. The Trumps should bear that cost, not the taxpayers.

Even worse, his daughter is starting to do the job Melania refuses to. Orange Beast treats the daughter like she's the first lady. It's even more of an embarrassment to the country since he has come out publicly and said he wants to date and sleep with her. 

All insults aside, the man needs therapy. Ivanka needs to take time out from the hairdressers and botox sessions and get some too. It's bad enough that he's an idiot, but this is extra embarrassment and expense the country can't afford.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Betsy The Delusional Billionaire

I hate the rich. Not because I covet what they have, but because of their entitlement issues. Take Betsy Devos. Please take her away. Her family is rich, so rich that they contributed over $200 million dollars to the Republican Party over the years. That bought her a job offer she doesn't deserve, Little Miss Betsy has been nominated to be Secretary of Education.

Daddy died and his company was sold for over a billion dollars. Then she married the son of the guy who co-founded Amway. So she's not on food stamps. But all that money only got her into some college named Carlin, which is a bullshit religious freak institution in Michigan. Her rich father-in-law is also an alum.

Bernie Sanders asked her if she thought she would have been appointed had her family not given that 9 figure gift to the Republican party. She answered yes. And that is why I hate the rich.

No, Betsy, no. If your family wasn’t rich, and you showed up with your bullshit religious freak Bachelor's degree from your barely accredited school and asked for that job, no you wouldn't have gotten it.

Just as rich men who are fat and balding or orange with a toupee can’t see that the twenty something aspiring model/porn stars wouldn't be blowing them if they were poor.  Or the son of a CEO making six figures out of college at his dad’s company. The rich need to get out of their delusional bubbles and realize they are not only unworthy, they are despised.

99% of them would be nowhere without the family money.  Betsy would be working at a McDonalds with her academic credentials. I am asking the rich to do the world a favor. Stay home and play with your toys or go shopping. But stop pretending you deserve what you get. It was luck. Dumb luck, nothing more. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blog For Student Loan Information

I stumbled across this blog today and I want to recommend it for any student loan holders. It's written by Attorney Adam Minsky. Excellent advice and tips for dealing with the student loan vultures. His experience from his blog:

Adam S. Minsky is one of the nation’s leading experts on student debt and is a pioneer in his field. He established the first law firm in Massachusetts devoted entirely to assisting student loan borrowers, and has since expanded his practice to include New York. He remains one of the only attorneys in the country with a practice focused exclusively in this field of law.

Here is the link to his blog: http://

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Liar of the Day:Charlotte Charlatan School of Law

Just in case you ever wondered if there were any honest people working at law schools, the answer is a big fat fucking NO. No, there are no honest workers at law schools.

Listen to this tape of Charlotte Law School’s assistant dean. Every time she says something so void of human decency that your skin crawls, take a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage. You’ll be drunk in no time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sean Spicer, Liar

I watched Sean Spicer’s press conference yesterday. At the beginning, it was amusing to watch him dodge questions and spin his version of reality. It quickly turned to horror and then a freakishly strong desire to rub dog shit on his face.  

This guy isn’t just a liar, he’s delusional and dangerous. He lies freely and without impunity, a psychopath hell bent on getting others to believe his tall tales. Spicer is obsessed with the size of Trump’s inauguration crowds, or rather, the lack of a crowd.  Even though there is physical proof the crowds were significantly smaller than Obama’s, he insists it’s all a lie and more people were there, the press is making it up.

This is dangerous for two reasons. First, he’s proven he’s willing to lie even about something insignificant.  Second, he’s showing the world we have a dishonest president and administration and we can’t be trusted.  He needs to go.

His wife works for a beer company. Maybe she brings home too many samples and he’s drunk all the time. Or maybe he’s just a lying psychopath who needs to find another job so he can stop embarrassing the country. 

Here's my advice for Mr. Liar Spicer:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Student Loan Shark Navient Investigated

I have never once heard someone with a student loan say anything positive about their provider, and for good reason.  Turns out they’re even worse than we thought and the word is getting out.

 Last week the Consumer Protection Bureau went after Navient for various slimy practices, most notably for not bothering to mention that IBR is an option instead of deferment.  Why? Because explaining the program and then completing the paperwork is too time consuming, and time is money. In addition, they reported loans charged off for disability as defaulted, which ruined the credit of thousands.

The article suggests that if you have been the victim one of these scams, you should file your compliant with the CPB ASAP, because the Orange Beast is going to move quickly to screw as many of the poor as he can. Republicans want to get rid of the CPB. The bankers want more money, and now that Goldman Sachs is running the government, don’t expect any breaks any time soon